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Recycling Tips

Here are a few ideas to get the most for your money and help planet Earth along the way…

  • After burning your candle, consider cleaning the container out with hot, soapy water. The Large and Small containers make perfect drinking glasses.  They are dishwater safe and made from recycled wine bottles.  Check out Refresh Glass – they have a great concept going.
  • Nicolet Candle packaging is designed by Elevate Packaging.  It is fair trade, eco-friendly and hand made by a very talented artisan group in the Philippines.  Consider saving the box, return to Nicolet Candle, or fill with potpourri, but please Do Not burn the candle inside it.
  • Amber and Clear Apothecary jars are perfect for storing your favorite things.
  • Please pass along any other suggestions you may have.

For additional recycling tips :  This link is very helpful with sifting through what can and cannot be recycled in your household.